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Restaurant Week special menu

What is Elizabeth, NJ Restaurant Week?

Are you a Diner in Elizabeth that is interested in joining Restaurant Week? We are happy to help by answering any questions you may have! We have already gotten started with some answers below, but if you have any additional questions or would like to dive in and get your diner on our list for next month, please CONTACT US!

When is Elizabeth, NJ Restaurant Week 2017?

Elizabeth's Restaurant Week will be twice a year, once in Winter and once in the Summer. The list of participating restaurants and reservations will be available on

Where can I find the Elizabeth, NJ Restaurant Week dining guide information?

The list of participating restaurants and reservations will be available on Unfortunately, at present we do not offer print copies and therefore, we are unable to mail booklets to individuals.

There's a restaurant I really want to be in Elizabeth, NJ Restaurant Week. How can I make it happen?

Tell the restaurant manager or owner about it, and have them request information or call the office at (908) 355-9797.

Do I have to make reservations?

Reservations are highly recommended and should be made by calling the establishment directly. However, the Elizabeth, N.J. Restaurant Week menu is offered to all guests, including walk-ins.

What's included in the prix fixe?

Restaurants offer a minimum of two choices for appetizers, two choices for entrées and two dessert options. Select establishments may also offer drink specials, supplemental items and other à la carte options for an additional price.