Ritz Theater

Ritz Theater
1148 East Jersey St, Elizabeth, NJ 07201

Built in 1926 and known for its Art Deco design, the Ritz Theatre includes seating for 2,772 people. This fully restored facility is one of the largest and oldest fully operational theaters in New Jersey. Over the years, many legendary performers have graced this majestic theater’s stage, from the Marx Brothers, George Burns and Jack Benny, Ray Charles, Harry Chapin, Maya Angelou, Chaka Kahn, Rodney Dangerfield, Miles Davis and many others.

The theatre was a cultural landmark through the 1960’s when entered a period of decline.  By 1980 it was threatened to be demolished in order to build a parking lot.  Rescued by philanthropists who set out to restore the theatre.  They ran out of money in 1989.  In 1994 it was purchased by George Castro, who has restored it to its 1920’s grandeur and used it as a performing arts center. It changed hands once again in 2014, this time to an owner who’s experienced in rejuvenating older performance arts theaters and giving them the boost they need to continue hosting all different types from events from concerts dance recitals to weddings to corporate events.



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