The Market at Elizabeth Avenue

The Market at Elizabeth Avenue
Elizabeth Ave., Elizabeth, NJ 07201


You are in for a full and rewarding experience when you take a trip to The Market at Elizabeth Avenue. Imagine a location in the heart of a city where cultures collide and entwine, giving you an opportunity to experience sights, sounds, and flavors from around the world. I recommend bringing a reusable shopping bag or two, a healthy appetite, and be prepared to be amazed as you wind through the colorful rows and streets of The Market.


As with all things outdoors, there is a season that lends itself to fun and fair weather. Beginning in July and running through November, every Tuesday, you can hunt and pick through an abundance of farm fresh fruits and vegetables from local growers. The bundles of leafy greens stack nicely alongside the popping reds and yellows of capsicums and citrus. Snack on a fresh apple as you wander about or buy a whole bushel to bake pies!

But enough with the fruits and veggies, right? You want to hear about the meats and cheeses! There are numerous vendors who will not only sell you the best cuts of beef and lamb, but they walk you through ways to cook it to maximize your enjoyment. One such place, Centanni’s Prime Meats, has been helping customers since 1929. They are known to welcome customers in until the final seconds of operating hours – they want to help you make the meals you deserve. Plus, for Sopranos fans, Centanni’s appears in the pilot episode and served as the basis for the fictional Satriale’s Pork Store in the series.

Perhaps the fresh flavor of seafood is calling you instead. Is there any image more fundamental for a market than fresh fish, oysters, and crab on ice? Peruse the catch at a shop like Algarve Fish Market and take home some lobster, grouper, or shrimp. While you’re at it, buy spices that’ll add just the right zing to your pescatarian-friendly dishes.

And what would life be without dessert? A few pastry shops in the area specialize in putting smiles on faces, both young and old. Swing into one of them, like Carloto’s Pastry Shop, and order a Pastel del Nata or a Salvadorian empanada. Of course, baked goods don’t have to solely serve the sweet tooth. If you’re wanting more of a savory morsel to satisfy your hunger, try an assortment of meat pies or quiche!


Walking around works up a hunger, especially when wonderful aromas are always wafting around. Luckily, The Market offers an array of locales to feed nearly any crowd. From frankfurters to Peruvian sopa (soup) and Chinese plates to burgers, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. Or why not try a little of everything? Have ceviche in one place and pineapple jalapeno pizza in another! No matter how picky your tastes, it’ll be hard for you to leave these streets on an empty stomach.


While we’d all like to imagine life is about dancing from one delicious dish to the next, sometimes we need a few other things in our day-to-day, and again, The Market at Elizabeth Avenue provides. If you’re in need of taming your mane, you’ll find various salons and barbers for your new hairdo. You can have your cell phone repaired or your dry cleaning taken care of while enjoying a manicure in one of several nail salons. And never underestimate commemorating your time in the Garden State with a tattoo from a local artist.

If it sounds like The Market has everything you need, there’s a reason for that. Enjoy shopping, dining, buying fresh ingredients, or any other facet of life, all here at The Market at Elizabeth Avenue.

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