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FAQs – Elizabeth, NJ (Participating Restaurants)

Restaurant Week special menu

Are you a Restaurant in Elizabeth that is interested in joining Restaurant Week? We are happy to help by answering any questions you may have! We have already gotten started with some answers below, but if you have any additional questions or would like to dive in and get your restaurant on our list for next month, please 

What is Elizabeth, NJ Restaurant Week?

Elizabeth, N.J. Restaurant Week monthly promotion that highlights the city’s diverse culture cuisine at an affordable price. Participating restaurants offer three-course prix-fixed menus, pricing varies per establishment.

How can my restaurant participate?

Please contact us at the Elizabeth Destination Marketing Organization Office [EDMO]. Let us know of your interest in Elizabeth, N.J. Restaurant Week and a member of the team will contact you. Applications for Elizabeth, NJ Restaurant are now being accepted.

Why does my restaurant have to apply?

Elizabeth, N.J. Restaurant Week is showcasing the very best of the city’s cultural cuisine. Participating restaurants will be evaluated based on the same set of criteria. This helps ensure that restaurants are of a similar caliber. The criteria that determine whether an invitation is issued include price point (Elizabeth, NJ Restaurant Week prices should be a 10-25%+ discount off of the regular menu), ratings, reviews, chef bio, awards, etc. The participating establishment must maintain basic standards of cleanliness, customer service and be in compliance with codes established by the Elizabeth Department of Health & Human Services, (if applicable, also the Alcoholic & Beverage Control Department). EDMO reserves the right to select the restaurants accepted into this program.

Is there a participation fee?

No, at present each restaurant does not need to pay an annual fee for GoElizabethNJ membership, nor for Restaurant Week. However, each venue must complete the require participation documentation request for information. At present the marketing and promotional costs of Elizabeth, N.J. Restaurant Week is paid for by the local area hotels’ tourism initiative, EDMO. This also covers the development of the website, videos and extensive advertising on select sites and in various publications. For more information about membership and its many benefits, visit our contact us page call the EDMO office at (908) 355-9797.

What do I have to offer if my restaurant is invited to Elizabeth, NJ Restaurant Week?

Your establishment must provide the Elizabeth, N.J. Restaurant Week menu during the program dates. You must offer options for a discounted pre-fixed lunch and/or dinner menu.

Are there any guidelines or program rules?

Yes. Guidelines & program rules are reviewed and agreed to each year by participating restaurants.