The Perfect Weekend Getaway with Liz and Beth


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As one of the largest cities in the state of New Jersey, Elizabeth has plenty to offer any visitor. Intriguing historical sites, vibrant shopping experiences, and mouthwatering dining opportunities make Elizabeth the perfect weekend escape for any group—even friends as different as Liz and Beth.

With their contrasting attitudes and priorities, Liz and Beth need a vacation that offers it all. Friendly and wild Liz is thrilled to dive into Elizabeth’s multicultural food scene and exhilarating nightlife, while her fun and down-to-earth friend Beth is passionate about the city’s storied history and wealth of artistic venues and events.

The pair of them hit the ground running with a taste of Elizabeth’s diverse culinary offerings. The city’s flavors represent the cultural traditions of over 50 countries, including Italian, Haitian, Latin, Asian, and Portuguese favorites. With Italian espresso and Polish babka in hand, Liz and Beth are ready to immerse themselves in the 350-year-old city’s rich colonial American history. From self-guided walks like Elizabeth at the Crossroads to the 23-acre Liberty Hall Museum at Kean University, the friends join in celebrating the city of Elizabeth’s past. Liz and Beth take the opportunity to walk through old cemeteries, mansions, and buildings through which some of the major players in the Revolutionary War once stepped, including The Snyder Academy of Elizabethtown, which was once attended by Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.

Ready to sample the city’s expansive shopping opportunities—not to mention the 0% sales tax on clothes and shoes available in New Jersey’s largest Urban Enterprise Zone—Liz and Beth stop by The Mills at Jersey Gardens. With over 200 unique shops, including everything from big name stores to the 20-screen AMC Theaters, Liz and Beth walk away with favorite finds to suit them both. A trip to the historic Market at Elizabeth Ave. as well as Historic Midtown gives them a taste of the city’s local and multicultural flair, as well: with unique family-owned stores, international restaurants, and fun-filled events, visitors always discover gifts and purchases they wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Eager for entertainment, Liz and Beth decide to test the city’s performing and visual arts, which showcase Elizabeth’s diverse musical and theatrical talent. Inspirational, world-class performances from Premiere Stages at Kean University, as well as the New Jersey Performing Arts Center just minutes away, keep the girls on the edge of their seats, and the stunning programs put them in the mood for more high-energy fun as the night settles in. Although their tastes vary—Liz likes the comfort food and excitement of the local sports bars, while Beth enjoys the trendy lounges and some of the oldest watering holes in the state—the diversity of the area’s nightlife makes it possible to experience it all.

As the weekend comes to a close and Liz and Beth have a moment to reflect on the incredible adventures they’ve had, they realize that the city of Elizabeth offers countless opportunities for one-of-a-kind experiences—and they’ve only had a small sample. Fortunately, with the city’s wealth of ethnic celebrations, festivals, and parades, there’s always an excuse for them to plan another trip!