Historic Sites in Elizabeth, NJ

History buffs will get lost for hours among the many stories about Elizabeth’s evolution over the course of its 350 years. Iconic local landmarks like the Minute Man statue tell the story of the Revolutionary War, but the town’s history goes back even further. The pre-war Belcher-Ogden Mansion, for example, once served as a house for the royal colonial government. Elizabeth also has incredible history of Alexander Hamilton. Come visit where Hamilton frequented, went to school and lived.

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Historic Houses

The Altenburg Piano House, founded in 1847, remains the oldest family-run piano company in the United States, and they’re still open today! The First Presbyterian Church site dates all the way back to 1664. Visitors can also see the Bonnell House, a marvel of 1600s craftsmanship, still standing today as one of the oldest buildings in New Jersey. Alexander Hamilton lived at Liberty Hall, attended Snyder Academy, and frequented Boxwood Hall. These are only a few of the riveting historic sites that survived the Revolutionary War.

Walking Tours

Some prefer to walk outdoors and learn at their leisure. The Elizabeth River Trail covers a large area and displays local art throughout the scenic route. More than just a scenic stroll, the Elizabeth River Trail can actually get you where you want to go, from the Elizabeth Public Library to Bridge Street. Visitors can also participate in the historical self-guided audio tour called “Elizabeth at Crossroads.” Using interactive smartphone technology, the free tour is aimed at making the city’s rich history conveniently accessible, and you can start at any point on the 3.5-mile route.


In front of the train station at the Midtown Pedestrian Plaza, there’s an eight foot tall memorial for September 11th designed by local artist Dario Scholis. The Veteran’s Memorial Waterfront Park, established in 1993, is known for its striking beauty and series of waving flags. With a poignant view of the New York City skyline over the tranquil water, the park provides a surprisingly perfect location for recreation and boat watching as container ships continually pass towards and away from the largest seaport in America.

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