Aerial view of Elizabeth, New Jersey

79 Julian Pl. Elizabeth, NJ

Mural Name: Julian Kean Mural
Mural Artist: Jubenal Torres | | Follow on Instagram @Mr__Smilez


Before Mural 1


After 1

About the Mural

"The artwork itself is supposed to inspire children in hopes that they would pursue art themselves, not only children but adults to tap back into their creative spirit." 

Mural: Julian Halsted Kean

Julian H Kean

This mural brings us briefly into the history of what made our current civilization. The first time steam trains rolled into the industry completely changed the paradigm. Distant lands become instantly reachable and the journey across the country was cut down from months of travel to just a few days. The invention of trains represents one of the most important times in human history leading to the expansion and development of our modern world. Just like the steam locomotive made its Mark in History. We want to remind the viewer that they have that impact as well. We hope this serves as a positive affirmation for the community to find a place in the world where they can have a higher purpose and make their mark in history. Shown in the mural as well is Liberty Hall which was built in 1772 by Gov. William Livingston. Many distinguished visitors came to travel through Liberty Hall such as Alexander Hamilton, Washington, and Lafayette. The house now serves as a museum and collects furniture, clothing, manuscripts, books, and other historical artifacts including a signed letter from George Washington. The museum is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a National Historic Landmark. Alongside Liberty Hall is one of the Kean family members, Julian Halstead Kean. The street itself where the mural is located is named after Julian after selling the land he owned to the city of Elizabeth.

About the Artist

Mural Artist: Jubenal Torres | | Follow on Instagram @Mr__Smilez

"Visionary artist, designer, dreamer, thinker, meditator, and lover of all that is the soul."

Juvy Torres is a graphic designer and artist born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He is inspired by the journey of personal growth, dreams, and visionary states. When I’m not working as a full-time graphic designer, I focus on creating bold colorful creations through the use of paintings, drawings, ink, and digital work. As a graduate from Kean University where I received my BFA in Graphic Design, I’ve had the opportunity to work on various projects for clients ranging from branding, illustrations, websites, printed material, social media content, and everything in between. You will always find me strapped with my creative arsenal of sketchpads and pens because you can never be too sure when inspiration might strike.

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