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International Restaurants in Elizabeth

Elizabeth has a diverse food scene with many international cuisines to choose from. From Asian cuisine to Latin American, Caribbean, and cuisines from European countries like Italy, Portugal, and Spain

The city is especially known for its authentic Colombian, Peruvian, and Portuguese restaurants. Here are some of the best restaurants that explore a fusion of flavors from the old country to the new.

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        Top-Rated South American Restaurants

        Parador Rojo serves a wide range of authentic Colombian foods and a casual atmosphere. You can sample the Colombian dish bandeja paisa, a heaping platter of rice, grilled meat, sausage, egg, avocado, and fried plantains. Also on the menu are grilled meat and poultry dishes, and traditional sides like corn cake and cassava. For a taste of the Colombian coast, seafood options includes fried shrimp, crisp red snapper, and savory shrimp cocktail. Enjoy a pitcher of sangria or a refreshing fruit drink with your meal, and for dessert, try their tres leches cake or flan. 

        Parador Rojo has a bakery on the premises, with a delectable assortment of flaky pastries, cookies, and stuffed breads. The restaurant is open daily and is a prime spot for breakfast, dinner, or a late night snack.

        Tumi Restaurant specializes in Peruvian cuisine made with fresh, traditional ingredients. They feature dishes from coastal and mountain regions, as well as meals with Chinese and Japanese influences. Come for a full Peruvian breakfast of tamales, salsa, and chicharron or for lunch or dinner. Menu favorites include roasted chicken and steak, citrus marinated shrimp, and many kinds of rice, potatoes, and corn dishes. They offer classic Peruvian beverages like chicha morada and Inka Cola, and desserts such as rice pudding and mazamorra morada, which is made with fruit and purple corn. For delicious Peruvian food and a comfortable dining experience, you can’t beat Tumi Restaurant.

        Portuguese Restaurants

        For authentic Portuguese fare and a stunning ambience, Valenca Restaurant is an ideal destination. This family-owned restaurant combines fine dining and delectable Portuguese favorites like tender steak cooked on a hot stone, grilled fish, and paella. They also offer a tasty vegetable paella for vegetarians. The bar menu is extensive, with many kinds of wine, beer and specialty cocktails. There is even a liquor store on the premises serving international wines and beers at reasonable prices. Enjoy your meal in one of their elegant dining rooms, or in the comfort of your own home, as the restaurant has a delivery service that is available from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.

        If you are looking to enjoy international fare, Elizabeth is an excellent destination. Whether you are craving Colombian, Peruvian, Portuguese delicacies (as well as Brazilian, Cuban, Haitian, and Mexican fare), or are just looking to expand your palate, you can find the perfect international restaurant right here.

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