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Things To Do in Elizabeth, NJ

Elizabeth, New Jersey is more than just a "port city," or the background of the HBO series “The Sopranos”. With over 120,000 residents from 50 different countries, speaking at least 37 different languages, Elizabeth is a melting pot for culture and heritage, which is showcased in their delicious cultural cuisines and large events celebrating the various cultures throughout our city.

Historical Attractions

Along with being a melting pot for culture and heritage, Elizabeth also has extensive historical roots that are just waiting to be discovered! As a major city in the early colonial days and being the first colonial capital of New Jersey, Elizabeth was an important part of the Revolutionary War, and later on, a transportation hub that was we booming with trains and steamboat activity, allowing New Jersey to grow and prosper through imports. You are invited to talk a walk through history through modern times. Discover how Elizabeth is history’s best-kept secret. Discover our historical sites here!


If history isn’t for you, visitors are sure to enjoy the shopping we have to offer. Elizabeth is New Jersey’s largest Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ), which is a very important fact to shoppers. Another important sales tax fact is that in New Jersey there is no sales tax on clothes and shoes, making it understandable as to why Elizabeth has such a wealth of retail opportunity for shoppers. Whatever is on your shopping list, you are sure to be able to cross it off visiting our downtown area. Not only do we have the largest indoor outlet mall; we have the largest IKEA on the eastern seaboard. If the crowds of high-end retail aren’t for you, come check out our midtown district which is flourishing with small businesses. We have the freshest produce at our farmers markets as well as the freshest meats and fish from our local fish markets and butchers.

Nightlife and More

There are millions of reasons to visit Elizabeth, New Jersey. Being that we are minutes from Newark Liberty International Airport and driving distance to New York City, Philadelphia, Atlantic City and the best beaches in New Jersey, there is something for everyone! We have trending hotels that are waiting for your arrival and nightlife that is sure to keep you entertained. Experience the variety of fun things to do in Elizabeth, NJ.

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