Mattano Park

Nature & Outdoors

You can enjoy the great outdoors in Elizabeth, year-round … yes, even winter. In the springtime, share a picnic lunch with family under cherry blossoms; when summer hits, keep your kids cool at any one of our city’s splash pads; and in the fall and winter, stroll with a friend or two through a local nature preserve—and don’t forget the hot cocoa thermos.



        Warinanco Park

        With more than 45 parks, including splash pads, to choose from, you won’t ever feel cabin fever during your visit to Elizabeth, especially when you can spend an entire day at one. You may not get to all of the more than 200 acres of Warinanco Park before dark, but you’ll enjoy your day here nonetheless. Just a little over a mile west from Elizabeth’s city center, Warinanco is so large it spills over into neighboring Roselle. 

        Its size is what makes the opportunities for fun here endless. Spend a family day outdoors with a lunch spread on a blanket or at an outdoor picnic table. There’s plenty of tree cover to protect you and your family from the sun’s rays, even in the dead of summer. If you’re on a date, rent a rowboat at the lake with your sweetheart. Or maybe take a leisurely stroll solo in any one of the park’s nature trails. After all, Warinanco is one of the most picturesque parks here in town, and it’s by no accident. The park was designed by the same creative mind behind New York’s Central Park, Frederick Olmsted. 

        For those in search of a more active visit, Warinanco Park also features bike trails and an indoor ice skating rink as well as tennis courts, sports fields, and a splash pad.

        Mattano Park

        A little farther east, closer to Elizabeth’s port, is Mattano Park. Though not as large as Warinanco, its emerald grounds feature many outdoor amenities, including long stretches of athletic fields for baseball and soccer games. The basketball and volleyball courts are perfect for intramural teams or a friendly competitive game between friends. There’s also a skate park and splash pad on the grounds.

        The Elizabeth River is probably the coolest feature found at Mattano. Featuring walk and bike paths, the river cuts right through the park and provides a tranquil spot for park-goers.

        Near the New Jersey/New York Border is Elizabeth’s Veteran’s Memorial Waterfront Park.  You won’t find a place like this anywhere else in town. Fit with a fishing pier, marina, and scenic boardwalk adorned with American flags, you’ll definitely want to add this outdoor attraction to your itinerary.

        And More ...

        A fan of the outdoors and history? May we suggest going on a self-guided walking tour of Elizabeth’s past dating back to 1664, including various stops at local landmarks and monuments. You can do this any time of the year, except maybe when there is a snowstorm. 

        Whatever season you decide to visit Elizabeth, our great outdoors is almost always open for business. 

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