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Minute Man Statue


As one of the oldest streets in North America and an important portal during the Revolutionary War, Elizabeth Avenue is anchored by Union Square. A marker and statue of a Minuteman marks the avenue at the sire of the Continental Outpost at the battle of June 8, 1780, when a column of 5,000 British Regulars landed in Port Elizabeth. The British marched down Elizabeth Avenue heading west, where they would attack General Washington and the Continental Army.

Just fifteen Elizabeth Minutemen positioned around Union Square, held them off and even wounded their General, Lord Stirling. Our Minutemen continued to attack them as they continued toward Springfield, delaying them enough for Washington’s Army to survive, and then drive them out of New Jersey.

During the warmer months when The Market at Elizabeth Ave is open, the Minuteman Statue is the center of many cultural events that take place, from a local farmers market to flamingo dancers, Latin concerts and even street festivals.