Cultural Tastes of Elizabeth

Mexican Restaurants in Elizabeth, New Jersey

You might be wondering what it is about Mexican food that keeps you craving it and coming back for more. Is it the corn tortillas or chips and salsa? What about the native chile peppers that adds heat to any dish? Could it be the portability of the street taco or the unwrapping of the delicious tamale?

A Blend of Traditions

Mexican food is a blend of flavors influenced by centuries of Spanish and indigenous, “new world” cuisines colliding, mingling, and sometimes just being topped off with the right amount of spice. Avocados from California mix with tomatoes and onions to make a spectacular serving of guacamole alongside pescado (fish) dishes from the sea. Arroz (rice) dishes accented with frijoles negro (black beans) and topped with cilantro and Cotija cheese, a hard aged cheese with roots in the state of Michoacán.

Wrap it Up

If this sounds like what you are wanting while in Elizabeth, New Jersey, take a trip south of the border by visiting Tequila Grill, a restaurant which specializes in Mexican food along with Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine alike. Try a burrito stuffed with shredded beef or chicken, pico de gallo salsa, sour cream, and ranchera sauce on the side. And if you’d enjoy a bit of deep-fried crunchiness to that meal, the chimichanga might be more your speed. For a quintessential Mexican dish, order the enchiladas Suizas. These chicken, beef, or cheese-filled tortillas come topped with a mild tomatillo sauce and the standard sides of Spanish rice and beans.  And for something from the grill, order the beef fajitas - strips of beef grilled to perfection on a hot platter of peppers and onions. Naturally, you’ll wrap it all up in warm tortillas.

Chile & Chocolate

With the chile pepper playing such a large role in the culinary arts of an entire country, it’s only fitting to mention Tequila Grill’s pollo mole poblano. This single dish incorporates a mild poblano chile, the Spanish influence of meat into a dish — in this case, chicken, and a cumin, cinnamon, and chocolate-infused sauce generally reserved for the holidays: mole.

Drinks and Desserts

While at Tequila Grill, why not indulge in a Cucharacha shot of tequila, Kahlua, and Sprite or a Corona Light? The Tequila Grill Coffee is a signature drink with banana liqueur, liquor 43, espresso, whipped cream and cinnamon and pairs nicely with flan, a traditionally sweet ending to a perfect Mexican meal.

While visiting Elizabeth, let the mariachis in your mind strike up a tune and blast away your worries with a trumpet and strings while you enjoy the many flavors of Mexico!



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