Warinanco Park

Gateway to Inspiration

When you're planning a corporate meeting, there are a number of things to consider. Location is the obvious first. Looking at locations, a major city like New York City might be the first choice. Depending on the size of your corporation, New York City may be financially out of reach or is just too big to keep your attendees focused and retaining the valuable information that they are receiving during the conventions.

Elizabeth is only 30 minutes outside New York City, so it’s easy to take a bite out of the big apple if you wanted to, but you’re far away enough to experience a city that does sleep and will leave you well rested for your upcoming meetings. But one of the important factors that Elizabeth has, is the ability to inspire your attendees to think forward with how to retain the knowledge they are learning and to incorporate it into their everyday work (which is what makes a conference successful in the end).

Traveling through Elizabeth, one of the first things you’ll notice is the number of different cultures and languages spoken. Every single person here has a story of where they came from to get to where they are. Seeing how the different cultures can come together as one community should be enough to inspire anyone, but just in case it isn’t ….

Take a journey through time and experience life in the Revolutionary War. Walk in the footsteps of some of our forefathers and see the authentic historical artifacts that have been preserved to show what life was like in those times. Just another reason to be inspired to take yourself to the next level …

Inspiration is everywhere in our city….local artists are taking to the streets to speak their minds through their art to inspire, cultural communities are taking to their cuisine to inspire, our historical entities are taking to their museum tours to teach others about the past to inspire … and Elizabeth is here to be able to help inspire your meeting attendees to make the most of their time out here and be able to absorb what they’ve learned and brought back with them to use in their everyday practice.

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