People Enjoying a Meal at an Elizabeth NJ Restaurant

Colombian Restaurants in Elizabeth

As the sun begins to set on Elizabeth, New Jersey, the Colombian restaurants in the area keep the heat of the city alive. Savory meats and warm bread will tempt your palate while Bambuco beats persuade you to stay out a little later, enjoy an equatorially-inspired drink, and possibly dance the night away.

And if you’re more of an early bird, the Colombian bakeries open as early as five in the morning to help you start your day off right, or at least carry you through until you can enjoy a salsa-infused lunch.

In the Early Evening

So, you’ve managed to make it through half the shops in The Mills at Jersey Gardens when your stomach starts to rumble, but not just any food will do. You’re in the mood for some South American flare! Noches de Colombia Elizabeth to the rescue! Their Parrillon allows you to indulge in chicken, beef, and sausage marinated and grilled to perfection.

Or, if you’re looking for something a little lighter, head to one of two locations of Parador Rojo for a refreshing bowl of ceviche de camarones and enjoy the side-by-side flavors of shrimp and fried green plantains. Don’t forget to finish the meal with a sweet bite or two of a moist, delectable cake ― tres leches de maracuya.

After Sunset

Hopefully, you paced yourself at dinner because the sounds of a Cumbia are making your feet shuffle towards Chupito’s Lounge for dancing and drinks! If the DJ’s beats don’t make you move by themselves, a sexy sake surprise ― literally, a sake drink served to you on a tray of flames - might at least make you jump. Of course, a more traditional margarita or fruity strawberry capirinha might be more your speed. And if you didn’t have enough to eat earlier, Chupito’s kitchen is serving up tasty patacon con pollo or colorful steak and cheese empanadas to cure those late night cravings.


Your eyes open with the early morning sun and you know the best way to start your day is with a delicious meal. While last night’s dancing still plays out in your mind, you follow your nose to the mesmerizing aromas emanating from Don Ricky Colombian Bakery. A small, but busy bakery, you enjoy a cup of Colombian coffee while mulling over whether to get the pan de yuca (yucca bread) or arepa con queso (corn pancake with cheese). You treat yourself to both because why not? You’ve got hours before lunch, right? And speaking of lunch…


However you spent your morning, it’s time to refuel for the rest of the day. Fresh chips and guacamole are calling to you, so you make your way to El Charrito Paisa. The mix of both Colombian and Mexican food takes your tastebuds for a spin ―tacos al pastor or bandeja paisa? The other patrons seem to enjoy the pork and pineapples in their tacos, but the fried egg and plantain of the traditional Colombian dish might be what you’re wanting. Ultimately, you can’t make a bad decision here. 
With so many choices for Colombian dining in Elizabeth, the trouble isn’t finding a place to eat at any time of day, it’s deciding on only one place. Then again, you may as well stick around a few days and enjoy them all!



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