Tour de Elizabeth


20th Annual Tour de Elizabeth 

Sunday, May 21, 2023

7:00 AM Registration Time • 9:00 AM Start Time
Helmets Required.

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20th Annual Tour de Elizabeth - 15mile Bicycle Ride Around Historic Elizabeth, NJ

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General Info

You’ve come to Elizabeth, New Jersey and you want to know what all the hype is about, right? Sure, you could read reviews, but why not join hundreds of others in an incredible annual cycling event called Tour de Elizabeth?

  • 15-mile casual tour of New Jersey’s 4th largest city
  • Route will include the waterfront and portions of the Elizabeth River Trail, along with many other sites associated with each year’s theme.
  • Takes place every May on the Sunday before Memorial Day.
  • Online registration typically opens early in the year and walk-ups are allowed on the day of the event.
  • Bring a working bike (street, mountain, hybrid, and even unicycles allowed) and a helmet is required
  • A parent or guardian must be present for riders 12 and under
  • Registration is also available by mail: CLICK HERE to mail in the Registration Form


The Route

Tour de Elizabeth 2019 Bike Route

And They’re Off!

It’s the day of the Tour, so you wake up early and look out the window. The clouds look like they could bring some rain, but hopefully just a nice breeze and some needed shade. Donning your brightest shirt, shorts, and sneakers, you step outside and check the tires of your trusty bike. With everything in working order, you make your way to City Hall where the ride begins and are greeted by a thousand other riders equally nervous and excited by what’s ahead. Groups of friends laugh and rib each other while strangers mingle in polite conversation about each other’s bikes. Serious racers bunch together while more casual riders are grouped to keep the everyone flowing freely through the city.

When the ride begins, you are mesmerized by the site of so many helmeted riders pumping their pedals and wishing each other good luck. Tandem bikes, mountain bikes, sleek street cycles, and toddler-trailers fill the lanes. There’s a magic in the air when a city like Elizabeth pauses long enough to let waves of cyclists move through the paved corridors to appreciate the town in a whole new way. You’re part of it and you feel alive!


The Sights by Bike

As your legs push you through the first few miles, you focus on the awe-inspiring architecture around you. Century-old buildings nestle up against market shops passed down in families for generations. Depending on the chosen theme of the ride, you might cruise past historic sites marked with statues honoring the brave soldiers of the American Revolution, or twist through streets which give the best views of arch-formed bridges. Music venues, waterways, and restaurants are all highlights of this town and you’ll see plenty regardless of the route.


Middle of the Road

After a few miles, you hear panting and water-gulping from other riders, or it may be you! But you keep going, observing all aspects of the city which you overlooked on a previous stay. The parks are next and your eyes roam through the trees, taking in the blossoming flowers and twittering birds. Kids are playing soccer and doing tricks on skateboards in Mattano Park. Or you see ducks splashing around and quacking in Warinanco Park’s lake. The rain has held off and the fresh air revives you for another climb up the next hill.

Now, you’re well past the halfway point and riding through the industrial seaport section of the city. While very different from the natural beauty of other areas in and around Elizabeth, it’s a vital center for international commerce and the economy of New Jersey and the country. You’ll ride by the enormous warehouse of the old Singer Sewing machines and, to be fair, hundred-foot tall cranes moving shipping containers are a colossal marvel on their own.


The Final Furlong

The ride is almost over and you find yourself in a charming, if not luxurious, neighborhood with large yards and tall trees. You pass by the mayor’s house. A growing sound fills your ears and you realize it’s the crowd cheering you on to the finish line! Your legs are tired and the bike seat is e, but you push through the final quarter-mile and into a haven of smiles and congratulations. You’ve completed the Tour de Elizabeth, accomplished a good bit of healthy exercise, and have discovered a side of this wonder city others are completely missing out on!

2oth Annual Tour de Elizabeth - LOGO - 2023

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Welcome to the City of Elizabeth

EDMO Sector - History
Founded in 1664, Elizabeth, NJ is one of America’s oldest and most historic cities. Alexander Hamilton, George Washington, and other famous figures visited this city, which remains an important center of American history and culture.
EDMO Sector - Shopping
Elizabeth is big on retail therapy. Our city is home to the premier premium outlet shopping mall in the northeast, a vibrant shopping district, and even a famous furniture store known for its Swedish meatballs. Oh, and did we mention that there is NO SALES TAX ON CLOTHES AND SHOES?!
EDMO Sector - Dining
Take your taste buds on an adventure. More than 50 countries are represented in our lively, multi-cultural community and you can bet that our culinary selection reflects this. We are your dining melting pot! Intrigue your senses, there's so much diversity on one plate.
EDMO Sector - Nightlife
Elizabeth comes to life after dark, like nothing you've ever experienced! From high-energy nightclubs to some of the oldest watering holes in the state, Elizabeth has something for everyone. Eat. Drink. Play. Just minutes away from the airport & NYC!
EDMO Sector - Stay
Royal treatment, common prices, your budget will thank you. Don’t compromise on class, stay at any of our nine brandname hotel properties ranging from economy, upscale to luxury tiers. Be in the center of all of the excitement that Elizabeth has to offer!

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